May 2021



  • New presentation page, another step forward removing our Google dependency.


  • Bump Next.js dependency

Bugs Fix

  • Fix deepl implementation for presentation's auto translation
  • Fix a bug where username were not updated alongside firstname or lastname



  • New manifesto page, another step forward removing our Google dependency.



  • New public roadmap page, fresh look and easier feature request process. Our previous roadmap used Google Firebase as data storage, this is once again a step forward removing our Google dependency.
  • Create some animated cover images for our newly released pages:
    • Changelog :
      • notion image
    • Roadmap
      • notion image
    • F.A.Q
      • notion image



  • New anonymous and referral system ๐Ÿ™ˆ
    • Anonymous contributions are now published on PEERS under the responsibility of a referee. The referee's identity is public and they are asked to check for obvious abuse such as conflicts of interest and malice. Referees assume the same role as editors of double blind peers reviewed papers in the traditional journal system.
notion image
An anonymous contribution is now visible only if the designated referee accept to endorse the responsability of it.
There is a new "Referral" panel into the dashboard where you receive the referral requests and where you can track the requests you've made.
  • New changelog page โš’๏ธ
    • In order to become more and more transparent we decided to create this changelog page where we will periodicaly detail all the work we are doing on
  • New FAQ page โ“
    • We redesign the faq page and use notion to store it. We previously store this page in Google Firebase so this is a step forward removing all Firebase dependencies.

Bug and improvements ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  • Bump prisma ORM version in order to do aggregate count alongside data fetching. Beside being more efficient, this allow us to remove our graphql engine that what used to perform such datafetching. Also we will be able to perform more efficient data-fetching and add aggregates informations in many more place in the app (number of pending referrals request for exemple).
notion image
  • launched its api in public beta this week so we decided to try it to store and fetch translations that are displayed in the app. For now only the referral page is using it but we plan to extend this to all non server side rendered page. This new functionality of Notion will allow us to publicly share all the translations of and open them to contributors in order ta add more langages and be more inclusive. This is what looks like a translation table.
  • Bump React, Next.js and Webpack versions.
  • Solve some bugs related to the text editor of the forum
  • Solve a bug related to the update of non peers members authors inside the metadata editor.
  • Clean up dependencies.